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Taglit And The Impact Of Digital Transformation

Taglit-Birthright Israel is a non-profit educational organization that sponsors free ten-day heritage trips to Israel for young adults of Jewish heritage, aged 18-32. Birthright Israel aims to strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish communities, and connection with Israel and its people. Taglit already connected over 750,000 young adults of Jewish heritage from 68 countries including all 50 U.S states and the demand is growing. Taglit’s leadership team have decided to start their digital transformation journey to the public cloud. They wanted to empower their audience experience, Increase availability, reduce cost, Improve Security, and provide new services faster compared to traditional hosting services they used in the past few years. They wanted to accomplish three dimensions: 1. Move from legacy software architecture to modernize software architecture (Monolith into Microservices). 2. Use Managed Kubernetes to eliminate operational overhead with auto-healing, auto-repair, auto-updates and secure by default. 3. Move from Agile Development to DevOps process and adopt DevOps culture. They looked for a company that specializes and has experience in the public cloud in order to help them with the cloud journey. Compie was chosen to lead this project and to move them from hosting services to Amazon Web Services. Compie implemented AWS EKS to manage and scale microservices and combined AWS Spot instances in the infrastructure to maximize cost-effectiveness. One of Taglit concerns was security in the cloud, so Compie have invested heavily effort in security by implementing a WAF - Incapsula to protect the front services, configured an image scanning by using ECR and Istio for monitoring, tracing, auditing, and to secure the traffic with mTLS. “Ultimately, when you migrate components and services to the cloud, you must do it without interfering with the users and keep the services available, reliable and securable every step in the migration process. Compie’s team have done it successfully” Coby Elmalich, Head of IT

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