• Category: Mobile apps, Websites
  • technologies: cordova, angular, ionic
Instant video streaming

The whole app concept revolved around giving the user the ability to instantly share a video stream of himself to the employers. We achieved amazing results in perfecting run times in this field.

Superb mobile analytics

Fitting the best job for each user was crucial here. We implemented complex algorithmic analytics to match the best job, combining the user profile with in-app events and even scrolling information.

Deferred Deep Link integration

Want marketing conversion rates that are higher by a factor of 3x-5x? No problem! We have the unique ability to generate links to internal screens in the app, which work even if you don’t have the app installed!

Automatic marketing

By integrating the popular Appsflyer system, we managed to get an exact knowledge of where each user came from, and how much money he was worth. That way, we could optimize marketing by a great extent.