• Category: MOBILE application
  • technologies: PHP Laravel, Android
Real-Time Application (rta)

Passing Data with a blink of an eye. Karta Hub app uses real-time computing (RTC). With this technology, we can pass-on data within short timespans, enabling a fluent teaching class, with direct feedback on the student's actions.

Education First

By using the latest technologies in the market, we improve the educational experience and bring it straight to the Y-Generation.

Automatic Feedback - Smart algorithm

The Automatic Feedback engine helps the teacher to save a significant amount of time and reach more of his students. By using the wisdom of the crowd, the algorithm can give the student full-precise automotive feedback on his answers. So the students? They don’t even notice that it's not personal feedback.

Absolute Canvas Control

A complexed UI was designed mainly to allow the student to built whatever he wants using all finger gestures.