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A creative wow-effect

Latet is a well-known organization that revolves around people. This is its essence. As such, the special effect which was ingeniously added to its main page, conveys this message in an excellent way.

Beautiful design concept

Latet is an organization of many activity fields. Each activity field was given its own unique design concept, with its own theme, giving the website a distinctive colorful design.

Values are important for us

We are proud to have Latet organization as one of our main clients. The values of Latet match perfectly to our values, in order to create a more just society. Therefore, it is important for us to accompany Latet in every step of the way.

Scalable donation system

The website offers an online donation system that gathered over 1 million NIS! The donation system is scalable to be able to withstand immense traffic of concentrated donation campaigns.