Birthright Israel

  • Category: websites, mobile apps
  • technologies: php
Highest execution quality

Compie had the honor to create the international website of the grand Birthright Israel organization. Having this responsibility, we meticulously refined the final result up to perfection, to the smallest details.

Taglit Application

A state of the art application allows the travelers to share their experiences together via chats, personal walls or any other way, making the whole journey unforgettable. Built for both Android & iOS.

Full-blown resource center

Used by Taglit’s guides and educators in order to manage, edit and create all sorts of materials for the journeys. A flexible system that gives endless possibilities for the best resources.

Customer Success is important

An attention was given to each detail, from the product planning stage and up to the programming itself. We accompanied Taglit in every step of the way to assure they get an amazing product.