Taglit-Birthright Application

  • Category: Mobile application
  • technologies: Ionic, Cordova, Angular, Firebase, Auth0, Google Analytics, Salesforce
Global App for all Taglit- Birthright Israel users worldwide

This app is global, designed to serve all Taglit- Birthright Israel users. Its content is dynamic and customized for each country. Enabling a great user experience to all.

The Latest features in the market

Taglit- Birthright Israel app is a hybrid application developed by the ionic framework. It includes new features like google analytics and firebase. User management is also performed in a Modern Identity Platform called auth0.

Real-time updates

The application receives real-time information such as flight details. All notifications are managed inside the app’s message center. There the user can see both new and old updates and while all the important info is in one place.

Dynamic content based on location

The app contains specific content for each user depending on the user's location at that moment. Allowing the user to see only posts and events that are relevant to him.